So we had to make yet another site

WordPress has been giving us trouble as far as posting videos go. So our NEW site at blogspot should be the home for this project. Please check that one as we’re not going to be using this one anymore. Thanks for your patience 🙂

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Day 1

So here are the video clips from day 1. If the camera falls, stop watching and go to the next clip. We still have a lot to work on. I discovered that my feet tend to be far apart when doing the push part. Andy said “I need a lot of practice and footwork is very important.” SJ (our camera woman) learned “that a blanket is required for shooting Aikido outside.”


You’ll notice there are in fact no clips up here…yet.  Go back to my site for an explanation. Help would be appreciated.

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The JA Project

Me and Andy have set up this blog to post a daily hour-long video consisting of at least 30 minutes of us practicing Gaedan-ate and 30 minutes of Oshi-taoshi. If we miss a day, we’ll make up for it by added time in later videos. By the end of a year from when this blog starts, we hope to have 365+ hours in a particular movement in Aikido and have mastered it

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